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24/7 Prayer week

'24-7 Prayer has been described in many ways; a non-stop global prayer meeting, new monasticism for the 21st century, even as a virus that has spread around the world as a result of “God’s holy sneeze”. We particularly like this last one. But we’ve come to describe it, quite simply, as a movement of people who are centred on Jesus Christ, trying to live their lives wrapped around prayer, mission and justice. At the heart of this movement are hundreds of prayer rooms, in which people take one hour (or more) each, one after another, to form unbroken chains of prayer where they are. Twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, ordinary people pass the prayer-baton onto friends and strangers… and on it travels, from group to group, from church to church, from city to city and from nation to nation. All over the world, night and day, this is non-stop, 24-7 prayer.'

St Andrew's is part of this movement, so on Sunday 18th November at 7pm our prayer room launches. We are really excited to be setting aside a week of prayer to press into God and explore more of his vision for our Church, town and the world.

Come and get involved, you can sign up for an hour (or even more!) or come down to one of our prayer events.

Monday 19th

8pm Taize Service

Tuesday 20th

9am Prayer in the Church

12pm & 8pm Healing prayer

Wednesday 21st

10am Holy Communion

8pm Prayer Gathering

Thursday 22nd

11am & 7pm Biblical Prayer

Friday 23rd

6pm Compline


Please note that the church will be open from 6am - 4pm every day. Outside of this time please come and pray but give the office a buzz to let them know that you'll be coming to pray so the church will be open. We would love all the slots to be full so do let the office know when you are coming to pray. You can contact the office on 01444 23 23 37

Posted by: office on November 13, 2012