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Building project

Our building project commenced on schedule at the beginning of Holy Week in March, which seemed quite appropriate as we seek to deliver God's vision in this place.

Thee plan is to build a new link building between the church and the two halls. At the same time there will be work within the church to bring the heating systems, sound systems, lighting and layout of the church up to date including work on disabled toilet and baby change facilities.

We are very excited about how the site is developing and how we might be able to better service our community going forward.

It does however mean there is some short term inconveniences on site.

There will be no parking available in the churchyard in the week until the contract ends at the end of October. Please do not access with a vehicle even if it looks like others have. The vehicles you can see belong to contractors and those working on site.

Pedestrian access is clearly marked - please follow the signs!

The parish office is now located in the Vicarage and will be for the duration of the project.

The key thing to stress is it is business as usual! This is for bookings and church services! God is most definitely still in the house!

If you do have any issues please do not hesitate to contact the church staff in the parish office or email us at:

Posted by: office on April 29, 2015