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Church now re-open for 9am Sunday Communion Services


To be able to attend the Sunday 9am service you MUST pre-book. This can either be done by following this link or ringing Diane in the office if you do not have online access and she will book you in if there is a space available. An individual booking must be made for each attendee as we do need a record of all those who have attended which we must keep for 21 days.

It is important that everyone abides by the following:

1.      Book a place at the service

2.      If you are feeling at all unwell, or have been contacted by track and trace please do not attend the church even if you have booked a ticket.

3.     Please maintain 2m distance from anyone not in your household at all times.

4.      Entrance to the site will be via the doors in the Rider Hall Car park only.

5.      There will be no parking in the Rider Hall car park but drop off can be made and then cars parked in the main church car park.

6.      When you come to enter there will be 2m spaced queuing in the car park (this will be marked by signs and cones)

7.      A one-way system is in place starting in at the Rider Hall doors and moving through to the West Doors. This always needs to be maintained.  If you leave the building for whatever reason you will need to walk back round to the Rider Hall doors.

8.      As you reach the doors you need to sanitise your hands; the stewards will then direct you to also wash your hands. It is important to do both. Please only use the toilets marked as in use to do this.

9.      Church is then entered through the double side doors.

10.    The stewards in the church will ask you to fill the church from the BACK of church. If you are with others from your household the stewards will move the chairs together for you.

11.   There can be no singing (even when the hymns are played please), no raised voices (hold on to the Hallelujahs – one day soon it will be possible!) and no shouting.

12.   Communion will be distributed in wafer form only and the member of clergy will come to you in your seats. There are two things different here: no words will be spoken when the wafer is handed to you and it is very important that the member of clergy does not touch you.

13.   When we reach the end of the service we will leave from the back row first out through the West Doors. If we can ask that you move promptly to your cars so that we avoid any groups or gatherings.

14.   Please sanitise your hands on the way out.

15.   Please follow the guidance of the stewards and the clergy at all time.

16.   If you are able, wear a face mask.

Church Open for Private Prayer

Wednesday: 7pm to 8pm (if stewards available)

Posted by: office on July 30, 2020