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Courageous for Christ - Saturday 11th of June 10am to 3pm

A workshop led by Sam Randall, New Wine speaker and Managerial leader at Essex Network Church. A workshop that will inspire and empower you to lead a more naturally supernatural life by letting the Holy Spirit work through you and impact the lives of those around you. 

Down to earth, practical, fun and personal, this seminar will give you tools and courage to step out in faith - literally "step out" - side of your church environment and be an authentic and bold, but at the same time "normal" and uncomplicated disciple of Christ.

Through real life examples and practical ideas Sam will show you have you can extend God's grace to your work colleagues, friends, family and possibly even strangers, in a gracious, courageous and life changing way. There will be worship and space to receive prayer and enjoy God's empowering presence too.

The cost is £10 and includes lunch and refreshments.

To download a booking form :

Booking Form - Courageous for Christ.pdf

Posted by: office on April 8, 2016