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Women of Wisdom Conference Saturday 5th of March

Saturday 5 March at Centre Church, 180 Leylands Road, 10am to 3pm Tickets £10 (early bird up to 5th February). Tickets include lunch and refreshments. To book:

MAIN SPEAKER (Eliana Zucchi Whyte): Eliana, originally from Italy, is the Principal of the IBTI (International Bible Training Institute) and part of the Mission Core Team of AoG (Assemblies of God). Prior to her ministry in UK, she has also worked, together with her husband John, in Spain for 17 years as missionaries in church planting and pastoral work. Eliana is appreciated as an International Speaker, a Counsellor, Teacher and Missionary with a very pastoral heart. Eliana has helped many people in the battle against rejection, depression and low self-esteem. Eliana’s dream is to see every woman reach her full potential in Christ and understanding her personal calling in the family and the church.

SOCIAL ACTION SPEAKER (Emily Kenward): Emily is the Founder and Coordinator of 'Time To Talk Befriending' a charity that aims to tackle loneliness, especially among elderly frail people, with a joint effort from individuals, churches and the local communities. Whilst training in Social Work, Emily has grown a particular burden for christian social action among this particular group of people, which moved her to take both steps of faith and action by becoming a proper local missionary for her own community. Emily has an inspiring passion in serving and befriending older people and a strong commitment to help restore dignity and provide hope to them as they experience vulnerability and isolation of various kinds within society. Her motto is to ensure that 'their lives are celebrated, honoured and respected - not forgotten!’

Posted by: office on January 26, 2016