Alpha is a nine-week course that helps people explore the foundations of the Christian faith.

For all our searching it’s rare to find time to think and talk about the big questions of life – about faith, reason, God and meaning. The Alpha Course is for anyone wanting to explore what life is all about. We’ll serve up some nice food and drinks each week, share some opening thoughts about the Christian faith, and then spend most of the time in discussion about the different thoughts and beliefs around the room. It’s a relaxed, safe place that you can bring your questions to as every view is important. And it’s all free! If you’re unsure, just try it and decide after the Introduction Session.

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The Alpha course offered me a really gentle approach to unpicking the questions and thoughts that I had. It is a non-judgmental environment designed to support you in your journey. Even if you do not come to Christ you will be treated with respect and understanding.”

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